• Intuitive 4.3-inch Touch Screen
  • Scans 30 sheets per minute in color-duplex mode
  • 50-page automatic document feeder
  • Fast Startup within seconds of opening the cover
  • Scans various document sizes and paper thickness including business cards, receipts, envelops and sticky notes
  • ScanSnap Home organizes scanned files on PC and Mac
  • ScanSnap Cloud links ScanSnap to popular cloud services
  • Image cleanup including automatic rotation, color detection, blank page deletion
  • Conveniently connect with USB cable or by Wi-Fi
  • Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz capable routers

Next-generation, Market-leading Scanner

Made for demanding workflows, the compact Fujitsu fi-8170 scanner gives small and large organizations unparalleled productivity.

Superior image quality with Clear Image Capture

Sets a new standard in image quality by pairing industry-leading image processing with a new, proprietary color-matching processor.

Exceptional paper handling

Captures a wide variety of documents consistently, streamlining mixed document batches and minimizing the need for re-scans.

Value-packed PaperStream software

Easy-to-use software interface provides convenient scanning, powerful image enhancement, quick image capture, and indexing options, including optical character recognition (OCR).

Market Defined Performance

Clear Image Capture is a breakthrough proprietary optical technology innovation debuting in the Fujitsu fi-8000 series. True image rendering and color shift prevention provide industry-leading OCR accuracy and image quality that exceeds the capabilities of a standard CIS or CCD alone. And, as a more efficient optical technology, power consumption is reduced with each scan. It can also capture the widest range of document types from 20gsm to 465gsm, including A4 envelopes, cards, passports or booklets up to 7mm thick.

Technology you can trust

Our patentedǂ automatic separation control provides perfect feeding, so organizations can scan larger volumes and mixed batches of documents with confidence. By sensing their weight and automatically adjusting and re-torquing them, misfeeds and interruptions in between scans are eliminated. This ensures feed stability for different document formats and prevents users from wasting time sorting different document types into separate batches. It also supports 100-sheet ADF capacity and higher speeds for more efficient, high-throughput workgroup scanning.

Maximize Imaging Solutions With PaperStream

Our PaperStream portfolio of document imaging technology offers high quality front-end capture with industry leading image cleanup. PaperStream makes it easy and is designed for any level of user with a simple interface, intuitive navigation, and ready-to-use profiles.

PaperStream ClickScan

Easy to use capture software for any business.

PaperStream Capture

Simple and intuitive front-end imaging and scanning software with PaperStream IP image cleanup, easy navigation, and ready-to-go profiles.

PaperStream Capture Pro

A simple, yet powerful, front-end imaging and scanning software that efficiently captures data using image cleanup, document separation, indexing and automated file naming.

PaperStream IP

Our market leading driver software sets the industry standard for image correction.

PaperStream NX Manager

PaperStream NX Manager provides built-in server software for easy integration into client systems and centralized management.

Scanner Central Admin

Manage a fleet of scanners and software updates through this convenient and cost saving administrative application.