• Create high-quality 600 dpi full-color scans of documents
  • Compact size suits small office spaces
  • Capable of duplex scanning for quick work
  • Features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection options
  • Supports a range of media sizes

Flexible Cloud-Ready Network Scanner

The fi-7300NX is perfect for organizations that want to reduce costs with PC-less scanning. Integrated Wi-Fi allows optimized placement in hard-to-reach, high-traffic areas making it easy to share.

Wireless or wired network connectivity

Put it anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

Touch-screen display

Vivid 4.3” color touch screen with configurable job buttons makes everyday scanning easy, even for novice users.

PC-less scanning with PaperStream NX Manager

Multiple users can share the scanner for increased productivity and efficiency.

Eliminate PCs and save money with PaperStream NX Manager

The i-7300NX is ideal for organizations looking to reduce costs and achieve a quick return on investment through PC-free scanning. No local PC, monitor or keyboard is required. Integrated Wi-Fi allows optimized placement in hard-to-reach, high-traffic areas without paying for expensive Ethernet cables. Because it does not need to be tied to any user's PC, users can capture and view their documents on any deployed fi-7300NX scanner without disturbing other employees. Installed on a Windows server, the PaperStream NX Manager provides easy-to-use, centralized Web-based management, allowing IT professionals to control and manage workflow remotely. Up to 1,000 scanners can be controlled via VPN, even from remote branch offices and offices. Job buttons can be set by group or individual, linked to Active Directory or a unique PIN. users log in to the device, place documents and then press customizable buttons to send scans to the correct destination. Little to no training is required.

Configure authentication to match your workflow

Customize each scanner with unique job sets based on location, department or other criteria Job codes or PINs allow only the correct access per user, providing only the scanning options available to that user and routing the scan to the correct workflow Microsoft Active Directory login allows users to authenticate using their familiar Windows username and password; no separate credentials are required for scanning NFC Card Authentication Kit allows logins using a variety of common badge types, allowing users to simply tap their ID card to log in and begin scanning

Maximize Imaging Solutions With PaperStream

Our PaperStream portfolio of document imaging technology offers high quality front-end capture with industry leading image cleanup. PaperStream makes it easy and is designed for any level of user with a simple interface, intuitive navigation, and ready-to-use profiles.

Easy NX Connect

Easy to use capture software for any business.

PaperStream ClickScan

Easy to use capture software for any business.

PaperStream Capture Pro

A simple, yet powerful, front-end imaging and scanning software that efficiently captures data using image cleanup, document separation, indexing and automated file naming.

PaperStream IP

Our market leading driver software sets the industry standard for image correction.

PaperStream Capture

Simple and intuitive front-end imaging and scanning software with PaperStream IP image cleanup, easy navigation, and ready-to-go profiles

PaperStream NX Manager

PaperStream NX Manager provides built-in server software for easy integration into client systems and centralized management.