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Individuals and businesses alike rely on reliable, high-quality, industry-leading scanning solutions.

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For 20 years, ScanSnap has been dedicated to improving personal productivity. Our market-leading technology with simplicity at its core allows people to digitize their world with the push of a button.

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From desktop clusters to production scanners that can handle over 120,000 pages per day, our document imaging solutions can help you digitally transform your business now and in the future.

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Digitizing what matters most with our ScanSnap scanners has never been easier. From important photos to sensitive tax documents, ScanSnap helps you connect the physical and digital worlds at the touch of a button.




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Featured ScanSnap Scanners

Ready to be more productive and organized? Check out our featured ScanSnap products to find the best scanner for your needs!


Fast scanning, straight to the cloud

The iX1600 is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you the option to scan directly to your favorite cloud storage.


Increase productivity anytime, anywhere

Access your documents and essential PDF tools across desktops, mobile devices and online so you can get things done anywhere, anytime.


Digitize documents with just one click

The iX1400 makes digitization a breeze with its one-click scanning capability.

Professional Business Scanners

Whatever your business needs, our imaging solutions experts can help you connect the physical and digital worlds.


Next Generation Scanning Excellence

Equipped to enhance your ability to organize your current document digitization workflow.


A network scanner with unlimited possibilities

The fi-7300NX is ideal for distributed capture, with network support and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Small footprint, powerful scanner

With its innovative front feeder and U-shaped ADF, this scanner is a powerhouse for customer service.

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